In accordance with the available amount of the corresponding funding the Application submission deadline is closed on 15.04.2021. Any submitted applications will be returned without consideration.

Welcome to Riga!  


  • Located in Northern-Eastern Europe, only a 2 hour flight away from London, Paris, and Moscow
  • A compact, but extensive reservoir of diverse undiscovered filmmaking locations
  • Included in UNESCO World heritage list for its medieval architecture, for the quality and quantity of its Art Nouveau architecture, for its 19th century architecture in wood
  • A starting point on the way to Latvian picturesque, unspoilt nature, sea, fields, forests, swamps, manors and colourful towns
  • The city-actress who is able to double many European cities just like Latvian nature doubles many places from all around the world



  • Riga City Council co-financing programme “Riga Film Fund”
  • Some of the lowest filmmaking costs in Europe
  • Refund of value added tax 
  • Latvian membership at the Council of Europe fund "Eurimages" for co-production, distribution and support and in „Media”, the European Commission’s support programme for cinema and audiovisual media